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By outsourcing mechanical engineering, you can stay competitive by improving R&D services and product development, shortening development cycles and product development costs, improving resource utilization, refining product innovation, and gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace.

As part of our mechanical engineering services, we offer a vast range of engineering solutions, including drawing, animation, design, graphics, CAD-related services to meet the diverse business needs of our customers. The engineers at CadTronix have a good experience in 3D CAD modeling of design projects for various industry verticals. We build on the trust and confidence of our customers by offering a comprehensive response and Expertise.
Our CAD Engineering Services include:
• Creation of 2D and 3D Data from existing paper drawings, images, PDF’s.
• Legacy data conversion to new or existing CAD Platforms.
• Parametric Part modeling and Design Automation
• Generation of Manufacturing and Engineering drawings, GA Drawing and BOM.
• Development of various mechanisms for the design.
• Sheet metal and Fabrication drawings.
• Generation of 3D Product Manufacturing Information & First Article Inspection report
• Surface modeling.
• Piping, Tubing & Skid Layout in 3D.
Benefits of Choosing CadTronix for Mechanical Engineering Services
CadTronix Engineering Solutions is a leading provider of mechanical engineering services with approximately 2 years of experience in providing various industrial engineering and mechanical engineering solutions. Some advantages of outsourcing mechanical engineering to CadTronix are –

• Flexible Pricing Options
• 100% Information Security
• Modern Infrastructure
• High Quality
• Compliance with Industry Standards
• 24/7 Accessibility
• Experienced Team

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CadTronix is leading Electrical Engineering Design Outsourcing Company providing a comprehensive Electrical designs & Schematic Drawings including collaboration between schematic and mechanical environments by using systematic Add-ins to meet specific needs of the clients in various electrical projects.
It wasn’t very long ago when major electrical companies developed all their products from the scratch. Right from packaging to programming, everything was done in-house. Today, with the technology changing by the minute, product lifecycles getting short, and design complexities taxing the design and engineering departments heavily, the scenario is fast witnessing a major change.
If you are looking to save precious resources and yet have a high-quality service delivered, then outsourcing electrical layout engineering services is the way to go. With Flatworld Solutions you can be sure that all your projects are approached with the same commitment, enthusiasm, and care, they deserve.
Our Electrical Engineering Services include:
• Electrical single line diagram & Load list preparation.
• Electrical Multiline Schematic & Control Schematics
• PLC Schematics
• Electrical Panel Schematic for 2D Cabinet Layout including generating the foot prints.
• Generating Auto Bill of Material.
• Importing & Exporting data from Excel, Dwg & Dxf File Formats.
• Generating Excel Automation for symbols
• Determining the size of electrical equipment, Schematic drawings, and one-line diagrams.
• Electrical panel schedules, which are integrated with the design and change as the design changes.
• Cable/harness Drawings including collaboration between 2D & 3D.
• Cable Tray layouts, Cable sizing, and schedules.
• 3D Model drawings for a complete electrical system.
• Electrical, power and lighting plans, including Light Fixture Layout Designing.
• Design of Emergency system design.
• Design of Power distribution system.
• Design of fire protection system
• Preparing Bill of Material for Electrical items
• CCTV & Data communication design system.
• Audio & Visual system design
• Fire Alarm Drawings.
Benefits of Choosing CadTronix for Electrical Engineering Services
Outsourcing has always been associated with cost-cutting and managing the temporary spikes in demand for engineering services; but now it seems to have become a way of work for companies to make their products affordable and reliable. Being in the field of outsourcing, we offer certain advantages to our clients, like –
Adherence to deadlines
Minimized wastage
Exception quality work at affordable cost
Presence of expert and helpful staff
On-time, every-time, any-time service

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CadTronix is leading Electronics Engineering Design Outsourcing Company providing a comprehensive Electronics designs & PCB Schematic Drawings including collaboration between schematic and mechanical environments by using systematic Add-ins to meet specific needs of the clients in various projects.
CadTronix Engineering Solutions offers you quality PCB solutions and delivers PCB design layouts that are accurate and functional. Offering quality engineering services to global clients for over couple of years, we are equipped to provide almost every type of PCB services, including prototyping, layouts, and designs. Our team of skilled PCB designers can help you to speed up your PCB prototyping cycle.
Our PCB Design Services include:
• Complete Schematic Drawings.
• PCB Layer Stack Drawings.
• Complete 3D PDF Files
• Fabrication Files
• Route and Drill Files
• Assembly Drawings
• Collaboration between ECAD & MCAD
• Exact Fitment of PCB Board in Mechanical Model
• Complete List of Bill of Material
• Performing X-Spice Simulation for the circuit.
• Other Customer specified outputs
Benefits of Choosing CadTronix for PCB Design Services
We have highly experienced engineers who deliver top-quality, error-free PCB layout in the first iteration, thereby eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming multiple iterations. Furthermore, we also understand the impact of even minor PCB layout design errors on your overall business and hence provide highly efficient services. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include –
• Enhanced Quality
• Affordable Prices
• Data Security
• Streamlined Process
• Experienced Team
• Best Infrastructure
• Quick Turnaround Time
• Easily Scalable Services
• Single Point of Contact

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“Product Lifecycle Management enables stakeholders across the enterprise to contribute to sustainable innovation”.
Overview of Product Lifecycle Management
What is Product Lifecycle?
What is PLM Software?
Why CadTonix is preferred for PLM Services?
Benefits of choosing CadTronix for PLM Services.
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) defines the processes involved for product development; i.e. design through to manufacture, to service and disposal.
PLM systems are designed to manage the entire process and by definition have been architected to manage process, people, tasks, issues, costs and documents. By design, PLM systems will achieve this by collaborating and synchronizing information with existing systems (including 2D & 3D CAD, Excel, Project Management, MS Office, ERP and any other legacy systems in place), or replace those systems, either up front or over time in a controlled manner.
PLM systems should be considered as a strategic platform and are designed to deliver a ‘single Version of the Truth’ for the design to manufacture / sourcing process.
Companies embark on PLM projects for a number of reasons, including:
• Reduce the time and cost of getting a product to market
• Support business growth by enabling reductions in data entry across multiple systems and reduce the pain staking task of searching for information
• Provide a standard product specification and development process when dealing with multiple systems and company acquisitions
• Support ‘Go’ ‘No Go’ decisions early in the innovation cycle
• Reduce the number of sample production or sourcing runs
• Support strategic sourcing initiatives by giving visibility of supplier and material costs across the enterprise early in the product development cycle
Another key element of PLM is support for compliance standards by enabling the integration of all requirements and information in a single platform and process irrespective of the origin of that information.
In summary, PLM enables and supports:
• Reduce time to market through quicker engineering change cycles and resource allocation
• Reduce costs through improved version control and supplier collaboration
• Improve product quality by increasing internal collaboration and tying all quality issues to the product record
What is the Product Life Cycle?
The core philosophy surrounding the Product Life Cycle maps out the various stages that a product will go through, from initial conception through to retirement.
The stage of a product’s life cycle impacts the way in which it is marketed to consumers. For example, a brand-new product needs to be explained to consumers, while a product that is further along in its life cycle needs to be differentiated from its competitors.
The Product Life Cycle can be defined by four distinct stages:
1. Introduction: This includes market analysis, research and development as well as competitive analysis.
2. Growth: The product has shipped to market and is now starting to generate revenue. A decision is made whether to scale or not.
3. Maturity: Innovative product companies establish a competitive advantage to maintain and further grow market share.
4. Scale Down: Product saturation, commoditization and declining sales force companies to reexamine their production volume and perhaps harvest their solution by spending minimally and having no new investment in new releases.
What is PLM Software?
PLM Software is the business system of choice amongst leading companies to manage the innovation cycle or product development process. PLM systems are designed to support companies to increase quality, reduce costs and improve sales revenue and profit.
As development of the lifecycle becomes increasingly complex, PLM software assists organizations to work as a single team to design, produce, support and retire products, while capturing best practices and lessons learned along the way. PLM software empowers businesses to make unified, information-driven decisions at every stage in the product lifecycle and are designed to work in harmony with existing business systems that manage enterprise processes such as customer orders, inventory, distribution and financials.
Why CadTronix is Preferred for PLM Services?
MEMKO seeks to unite stakeholders enterprise-wide in helping them unlock and realize their innovative potential. With a team of highly specialized engineering, technical and PLM experts, we can provide complete support for small, medium and large-scale PLM programs.
MEMKO also conducts business value assessments (BVA) for companies to identify the value of proceeding with a PLM project. A BVA acts as an insurance policy by identifying costs, benefits and critical success factors prior to investing in the software, hardware and services required to support a successful PLM implementation. We can conduct a BVA on your site for a small investment and the deliverables can be used to support a future business case.
Benefits of Choosing CadTronix for PLM Services
CadTronix offers complete consulting solutions supporting multiple PLM and PDM platforms including Teamcenter PLM, Aras PLM, Autodesk PLM and SolidWorks PDM. CadTronix has in its ranks former solution architects and implementation specialists from the industry’s leading PLM solution providers. We have built a methodology based on years of implementation experience and intimate knowledge of the product that helps in minimizing the amount of time spent on scoping and finalizing business requirements and then mapping them into robust and deployable solutions. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include –
• PLM Customization
• PLM Data Migration
• PLM Integration
• PLM Implementation
• PLM Support Services
• PLM Upgrade Services